Financial Markets Training Program



Learning the financial markets can be hectic especially with lots of information flowing all over the internet. This makes it difficult to sift the information which you need to grow in the knowledge of the financial markets.

Because of this, we have designed a short course that will introduce you to the basics of the markets and help you grow into the knowledge of it. We look at what moves the market, get to understand why people buy and sell the financial instruments and the possible indicators that prompt them to trade the specific instruments.

This program is important as it provides the student with an opportunity to have a long-term income generating project which will further help them to diversify their investment portfolio.

We like to say one thing – The financial markets should generate capital for your various business ideas. With this in mind, we like to stay disciplined in the strategies we use to benefit from the markets. Why? Because you can’t grow money that you have lost.


This program takes 9 MONTHS


This course has 3 modules

Module 1 – 3 months (Understanding the Forex Market)

Module 2 – 3 Months (Application of Knowledge in the real Markets)

Module 3 – 3 Months (Trading live in the Real Markets)


Module 1 – $400 (or its equivalent to your local currency)

Module 2 – $100 (or its equivalent to your Local Currency)

Module 3 – $400 (Practical Fee for trading the live Markets)


As Talent Centre Africa, we have a plan to create a pool of up to $1 million. This will help us absorb our students for job opportunities and pay them through commissions of what they make from the markets on a contract basis.

This plan will help create employment opportunities for Thousands of young people across the country and millions across the continent of Africa.


To register for the program, Please contact us through or reach us through +254 736 606 952.