Our Dreams and Ambitions are different. Some are big while others are bigger. Even as people work to achieve their set goals and objective, one factor is always very common – LACK OF FINANCES. Our needs expand. Money does not. However, here at Talent Centre Africa, we make this opportunity happen to all our members. We trade in the financial Markets through our trusted broker. We understand that trading in the financial markets is hectic and can become overwhelming. This is why we have designed this product – to help you grow finances while you are at ease.


We give our clients the opportunity to have full control of their money. This helps you to gain confidence with our work and be able to refer your friends to enjoy our services. It also should be known that we at no time take in clients’ investment. All our clients are expected to open their trading accounts through our trusted broker, have it verified and deposit money. Our team will take it on from there.

The minimum investment capital in this program is $1,000 or its equivalent to your local currency.

Registration for this particular program is a once off fee of $80 or its equivalent to your local currency.

Please ensure to read the RISK DISCLOURE FORM before continuing .


  1. Open a live trading PAMM account with our trusted broker. (Please click on this link to open an account)
  2. Make sure the accounts trading currency is USD
  3. Have the account verified. (we provide you with the our company invoice which is accepted by our partner broker as a proof of residence)
  4. Once the account is verified and you have made your deposit, you shall provide us with your PAMM account details through our email to add your investment to our portfolio and grow it.
  5. Fill out our registration form to join as a member of our trading community (download Form here)
  6. Pay the registration fees to any of our payment methods provided on our payments page. (Click here to visit our payment details page)
  7. Once everything is set, see the AFTER REGISTRATION BELOW


Once all registration is done and everything finalized, you can view your investment through investors portal using your pamm account details with our trusted broker sends separately to your email address. To access Your investment portal, please click on this link.

For any further questions, please contact our Team leader through or through +254719227042.