Strategic objectives

  1. Provide training and mentorship to our members with an understanding on purpose, structure and Process.
  2. Hold sensitization campaigns on importance of having and understanding talent Vision and Value as a source of economic livelihood.
  3. Provide exchange programs to our members through partnerships with the national and county governments together with the ministry of foreign Affairs.
  4. Increase our in-house training and mentorship with investment on new and emerging technologies.
  5. Create platform that supports growth and development of the creative and innovative economy.
  6. Increase our national profile and recognition of the work of Talent Centre Africa.
  7. Allow expanded opportunities through sponsorships, corporate ventures, private gift support and innovative management strategies.
  8. Establish a fully equipped mentorship and Training Company to impart creativity and innovation which will reform, restore and respect the attitudes and values of the diverse communities.


  1. A commitment to diversity, quality and excellence in talent mentorship & training towards understanding purpose, structure and Process
  2. To create opportunities for social, cultural, economic and educational development
  3. To deliver an inspirational, diverse and entertaining programme of memorable and exciting events according to our maxim a dream for someone, opportunity for everyone.
  4. To create a pool of investors passionate about investing in young people’s projects and ideas.
  5. To be recognized and valued as a vital link between members and market by ensuring that the company contributes to the joy and excitement of purpose identification and Value development and research on the most appropriate environment in which to share them.
  6. To support the development of talent and skill by working with other organizations to co-produce, collaborate and/or invest in creative enterprise.
  7. To be sustainable by maximizing the impact and effectiveness of current revenue generation, seeking out new income streams, and being economically efficient – all whilst maintaining our values.
  8. To continue to develop and seek new partners with whom the company can achieve its goals in order to further develop audiences and members and maximize the investment it receives.
  9. To strive at all times to maintain a culture of ethics and values and entrepreneurship, to be flexible and to embrace new opportunities.
  10. To further develop the profile nationally and internationally with the view of being considered as an ambassador for educating purpose and wealth in the lives of the young people both in Africa and beyond.